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Love Ewe Too - Batt - Lleyn Wool, Bamboo

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Beautiful, Fluffy, Soft! Hand Blended Fiber!

** This is not good wool for wet felting ** It will work perfectly for needle felting.

This wool is not normally available in the US. It is an import from Wales and was once almost extinct. There were as few as 10 flocks left of the Lleyn (pronounced lynn) breed. This is a tough sheep perfect for the British Isles. It is a descendent from the Welsh Mountain and Border Leicester bloodlines that dates back to around 1800. The wool is more matte than shinny and is considered a medium grade, so not as soft as merino but still a great wool. It is super lofty and will make a springy yarn. Several colors were blended together along with multi-colored Bamboo to make a beautiful Blue/Green mix.

The color is "Love Ewe Too" great for spinners or needle felters. For spinners you will get a toned blend of Blue and Green colors which will shift as you spin from one tone to another throughout your yarn. This will needle felt well, making a pretty blend of all the colors in your piece.

Only 4 batts available. They are from the same batch and match if you are looking for a larger project.

You will receive one batt of about 2 ounces. This batch will not be repeated.

I try to get the colors on the screen to look like the actual fiber but as monitors will vary the colors might not be exactly as pictured. If you are unhappy with your batt for any reason I do offer returns as long as they are in the same condition as they were when I shipped them. I do not refund your return shipping.