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Washed Lincoln x Coopworth Fleece - 5 Colors

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Washed Lincoln x Coopworth Fleece available in 5 colors from white to Basically black.

Sold in 1/2 pound bags.

The Combo bag will have more White & Black with smaller amounts of the Silvers for a total of 1/2 pound.

I have spent time sorting several fleeces into 5 different colors so that you can pick and choose the right color for your project. The darkest color will have white shots through out so it isn't a solid black but it is a beautiful dark color with some character!

This is wool is a silky fiber that is a great example of these breeds. Long, shinny, silky and perfect for a beginner spinner that wants to learn how to prepare fiber themselves.

Use this for outer wear like a bulky sweater. Blend with some mohair or silk. It can be used in weaving for weft or even a tightly spun yarn perfect for warp too! The fiber is very clean but you will probably find a bit of twigs or grass here and there. Micron count is around 32.