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City Lights - Sari Silk

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City Lights colored Sari Silk for spinning, blending, felting or paper making.

Sold in increments of 1 oz

This is a true Black body color with mixed colored accents.  The deep black color is a lovely tone to mix in with your natural colored wools and with the added extra color pops it makes a truly interesting final look to your project.

Sari Silk is blended in large batches. What I have in stock is all that I have left of this color. The next order will be different or not available at all. Please order what you need for your project!

This is made from recycled Saris and waste in the weaving mills.  The cloth is run through a shredder and then pulled apart and run through a carder to make a new fiber for us!  This is a blend of all of the colors and would blend into your fibers with a beautiful rainbow of shimmer.