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Jungle Boogie - Hand Dyed Pre-wound Weaving Warp - 8/2 Tencel

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This is a lovely hand painted weaving warp which has been pre-wound for you from 8/2 Tencel.  

The color is "Jungle Boogie" which is my imagination of what the jungle looks like with sunlight streaming through the leaves.  This matches the Jungle Boogie skein in the shop.

Various Lengths Available
Choose from either 200 ends or 400 ends.  

8/2 Tencel is 3,360 yards per pound and wraps at 30 ends per inch.

Suggested sett:
- 12 epi for lace
- 16 epi for tabby
- 20-24 epi for an even twill
- 26-30 epi for a warp faced twill