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Eri (Peace) Silk Cocoons

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Eri Silk Cocoons. Dye these yourself, they take colors beautifully.  Because the silkworms have been removed the cocoons include all lengths of fibers and will create a beautiful slubby yarn if spun.  Degum them yourself or dye to use for your project. After degumming they can be fluffed up for felting to give a nice texture to your project.

Sold in increments of 1/2 oz. Approximately 25-30 cocoons.

Your order will come with a sheet describing how to degum the cocoons.  

Eri silk is also known as endi or errandi in India. The silk is often referred to as the fabric of peace as it is processed without killing the silkworm. This process results in a silk called Ahimsa silk. Moths leave the cocoon and then the cocoons are harvested to be spun.

I try to get the colors on the screen to look like the actual fiber but as monitors will vary the colors might not be exactly as pictured. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason I do offer returns as long as they are in the same condition as they were when I shipped them. I do not refund your return shipping.

Please hand wash in cool/cold water with a bit of soap or fiberwash.