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Mulberry Silk Brick

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Super high quality direct from China! Beautiful, natural white in color.

Amount: 1 Brick, Approximately 4+ oz

Mulberry Silk, also known as Bombyx Silk.
Bricks are similar to Mulberry Silk Top except they are a much fatter width of top and better for blending because you can get it on to your carder more quickly. The name Brick came from many years ago when the Brick was actually pressed into that shape. It was compressed into a brick shaped form so that it could be transported easier in a smaller format. Now the fiber is still the same quality but it comes in a nice ball that has not been compressed.

These take dye beautifully but do soak in your acid for at least 24 hours. This wide Top is great for dyeing because it can be spread out and painted to get a wide range of patterns. For spinning it works best on the fold, pull off small pieces and fold over your finger and spin from the edge of the fold. This is also great for paper making.

Raised in captivity, the silk worms are only fed mulberry leaves which gives the supper shinny, top quality white silk.