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Mulberry Silk Lap

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Mulberry Silk Lap, also known as Bombyx Silk.  Super high quality direct from China! Beautiful, natural white in color.

These come to me as a huge 'blanket' of silk, about the size of a queen bed. Each silk lap weighs around 1 1/2 pounds, give or take a couple of oz.

Available as a full lap for you to cut down into shapes you wish
Available cut into a quarter of the lap (square shape)

For felters, use this to add texture to your wet felting, nuno felters can use this as a base for a super luxury felt that can be incredibly thin and delicate. For spinners it can be spun into a very fine thread with a great texture. Use your yarn for knitting lace weight items or weavers can use a spun silk for both warp and weft. Overall a lovely fiber! It takes dyes very well. Soak in an acid bath of either vinegar or citric acid for about 2 days and then dye as usuall for any animal fiber. You will get super bright colors.

Raised in captivity, the silk worms are only fed mulberry leaves which gives the supper shinny, top quality white silk.

Silk laps are produced during the process of carding the silk fibres into silk tops for spinning into yarn. They have a similar staple length to the tops but with much more texture. The laps come in layered 'blankets'.  Each blanket can be separated into fine gossamer layers.