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Seaside - Hand Dyed Pre-wound Weaving Warp - 8/2 Tencel

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This is a lovely hand painted weaving warp which has been pre-wound for you from 8/2 Tencel.  

The color is "Seaside" which is a beautiful blend of ocean colors from light to dark blues with a hint of the ocean greens.  Tencel takes dye color vividly and these just shimmer on the warp.

Available in various lengths and ends.

8/2 Tencel is 3,360 yards per pound and wraps at 30 ends per inch.

Suggested sett:
- 12 epi for lace
- 16 epi for tabby
- 20-24 epi for an even twill
- 26-30 epi for a warp faced twill