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Unicorn Power Scour

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The Next Generation of Powerful, Earth-Friendly Fiber Cleaners. You can trust Unicorn Fibre products to clean and protect your fibers, from fleece throughout the life of your most cherished yarns and hand-knit creations.

Optimize cleaning of all natural fibers. Maintains strength and natural beauty of the vital fiber cuticle. Save time and money by using the right product from the beginning. Don't take a chance on damaging your fleece with the wrong soap. Scented with a hint of lavender. Can be used in your High Efficiency washer too.

Try a small sample and you will never go back!

- Soil, Stains and Odors
- Lanolin and Oil
- Wine Spills
- Pet Stains

- Reduces Mats and Tangles
- Increases Dye Uptake
- Cleans at Energy-saving Temperatures
- Rinses Easily with Low Suds
- Leaves Fibers with a Clean, Fresh Aroma
- High Level of Biodegradability
- Use in hard or soft Water
- Phosphate and Enzyme Free
- No Phosphates, bleach, ammonia or fillers